Next Generation Mobile Payments Ecosystem

Our Vision

Blockchain solutions might be the future of global money - P token is your current local money and your way into the future of money


  • Banks shall no longer be  holding   our money. our wallet is our bank account. No 3rd party shall hold and limit our access to it . Everyone everywhere  is entitled to have an account (Wallet) and direct private control  of his own money.

  • Banks shall evolve to providing us with an affordable credit and loans to grow and expand our business .

  • Our money should be stored in a secured and private  wallets operated in our mobile devices. 

  • Such wallet should provide us with all our daily financial transactions,  and as a replacement for our long term  various bank accounts. 

  • The transactions done and confirmed by cryptographic means instead of untrusted 3rd party.

  • Person to person, person to merchant, merchant to supplier transactions are required to be made fast, private and with maximum level of security.

  • Merchants would be provided with fast and secure updated procedures required by to the newly introduced    tax and GDPR regulations.

  • As stated above, most common transaction are achieved by the already proven and tested   BlockChain Technologies.

  • Due to the current high vulnerability levels of Bitcoin, a safer system is required, to assure that selected  technology is stable and ready for daily usage.We need a stable safe  system to pay and get paid by.  
    The total value of Crypto Currencies is expected to increase from the current few  hundreds  billion USD into  trillions of  USD   during   the next years -if and only if a real usage rather  than the current speculative Store of Value shall be provided

Our Solution

P token is our solution. It provides the full infrastructure and secure eco system in the current environment, and beyond.


  • P-token offers all of the payment's optimized  Blockchain advantages, using an extra secured and private environment, while avoiding BitCoin's vulnerability, scaling and ever changing value problems.

  • We provide our full eco system by partnering with existing evolving  financial institutions  rather than replacing them. Thus providing a path to the future  of evolution rather than revolution.    

  • The P-EcoSystem's wallets provide support for both P token and future  blockchain solutions .

  • A unique Black (alternative coins) / Red (P token) separation is provided throughout  the whole ecosystem. 

  • Cloud Control Services over the P-EcoSystem Nodes is expected to provide extra security layer and AI based irregularity detection system, thus eliminating most foul play.

  • The eco system is using supervised  Honest Nodes thus assuring customer's privacy at all levels of the eco system. 

Why P

  • P stands for the biblical word PAZ which is Pure GOLD vs Ordinary GOLD.

  • BitCoin was described as the real old GOLD Coin equivalence.

  • Stable P token is best described as PAZ - pure gold Coin. 

  • PAZ means PEACE in Spanish – Paz Token provides you a peace of mind when keeping and handling your money.

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